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The young fan climbed on to the stage, turned her posterior to the deejay and began gyrating on his pelvic area, After a few moments, the deejay eased her off and remarked, "You clothes dirty ...why yu come up here and a wine up pon me inna dirty clothes?" The obviously embarrassed young woman quickly exited the stage.A section of the crowd did not take kindly to what was said and began booing Beenie Man and hurling insults at him.This honestly dates all the way back to slavery, but to keep a long story short - I think it's common but I don't think it's “accepted” but I do think it's tolerated one too many times.What does each gender expect from the dating game in Jamaica?The St Kitts music festival might well be the best-kept secret in the Caribbean, and there's a good chance that even the most clued-up of music aficionados in Britain won't even have heard of it.This is despite the event assuming the status, over the past decade, of an annual destination for punters with a fondness for all things enticing in the world of music.

But there is so much more to D'Angel than meets the eye.SO is here to share that the dating game Rock side ain't all Bombay mangoes with dulce de leche Name: Chelsea Taylor Age: 27Relationship Status: Single Do people still date in Jamaica in 2017 or is it now just a hook-up culture?To be very honest, I have NO idea - I think Jamaica's dating scene can be whatever it is that you're looking for. Talking can last anywhere from a few weeks to years.Western Bureau: The thousands of scantily clad revellers who turned up at the Wavz Beach in Negril, Westmoreland, Sunday night for the sixth staging of 'Chug It' got a mixed bag, as while the entertainment was reasonable, the congestion on the stage was a significant distraction.It was also a contrasting situation for the star attractions - deejays Beenie Man and Spice.

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