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It’s also cross-platform unlike Oovoo, which lets Mac users only receive video messages rather than send them.As a rather private person, I can’t stand the new trend of 15-second videos popping up everywhere. They also probably don’t care to see you lick your lips while looking at it in a rather perverted manner.The new AIM is like a brand new supercar that has some of the old features and a whole lot more integrated into one sleek ride.You can start a conversation with an existing contact a couple different ways:- Type name or username of a contact into the search field. A conversation window will open.- Using, click on the compose button on top of the conversation list to open a new conversation window.- Using AIM for Desktop, click on the compose button on the bottom left of the conversation list to open a new conversation window.- Click on your friend’s name in the “Recent Chats” or “Contacts” section.When you see the right name, click it and start your chat. When chatting, click the paper clip icon (or on AIM for Mac or Windows, click the menu icon and select “Share a File” Select the file you’d like to send. You can even take a photo with your webcam and send it instantly.Click the menu icon and select “Take a Webcam Picture” (you might need to grant us permission to use your camera).However, for Skype you can only send unlimited video messages if you have a premium account – .Oovoo allows PC users to send 1-minute messages for free, but premium users can send messages up to five minutes.

Today, I’m going to tell you just how exactly you can create video messages without much effort on your part. Because this is the Internet, and even if I wasn’t doing it for free, you would probably find a way to get access to the article for free. Skype and Oovoo aren’t just for video conferencing.

If your friend is already in your contact list you can look for her or him in the search field above your recent chats.

Type in your friend’s name or username (which might be an email address).

Upgrade to the newest (non-beta) version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge 2.

Turn your sound on or up to be sure you can hear the IM notification Note: Remember that the other member must be online (look for the green dot) to receive a chat (IM) message.

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