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My only interest here is to know what works acutely and is not going to pussyfoot around.

I've taken both remeron and seroquel but I can't for the life of me determine which of them is technically the stronger sedative (aside from relative dose) because the time between taking them has been too long to compare.

Most of the studies reviewed used doses that were twice the recommended amount -- 50 milligrams -- of diphenhydramine, the active ingredient in Benadryl and other first-generation "sedating" allergy medications.

"We're not saying that there's not a difference," says lead researcher Bruce G.

Diphenhydramine and doxylamine have anticholinergic properties that make them poor choices for older adults.

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These products are intended to be used for only two to three nights at a time, however, such as when stress, travel or other disruptions keep you awake.

Antihistamines can cause drowsiness, which might help you fall asleep for a few nights — but routine use of antihistamines for insomnia isn't recommended.

Antihistamines induce drowsiness by working against histamine, a chemical produced by the central nervous system.

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