Rupert grint and kimberly nixon dating

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He instantly became Malachy and I was really impressed because it must be hard to shake a character you’ve been playing for almost half your life.

But I think he preferred the pace of an indie movie; we would do between 6-10 scenes a day and he said on I have been incredibly lucky so far and no-one’s more aware of it than me. I am always more relaxed in a contemporary piece than a period one.

Prior to filming, Rupert joined the stunt team for trampoline training.

Daniel Radcliffe revealed that Rupert turned out to be a natural at filming these scenes.

Grint, 20, is reported to have been spending romantic nights with the 23-year-old Cranford actress in her north London home. Ambitious Grint hopes to break into more adult roles through the film in which he plays a young man pitted against his best friend by the arrival of a beautiful stranger.

Real life romance: The pair are rumoured to be dating off-screen In the film best friends Malachy (Grint) and Luke (Robert Sheehan) and are finally ready to enjoy their summer.

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint has thrown off his boyish image to get into a steamy clinch for a new role.

She is sassy and confident but there is a vulnerability there that only one of the boys will see. Ron Weasley was quickly forgotten when we started to rehearse and shoot the film.

However, Grint's Potter fans have stayed loyal to him and set up an online campain for its cinematic release.

Grint said that he has been delighted by the support.

There was a danger when I graduated of always been the ‘girl next door’ but working with a great agency I have been seen for a huge spectrum of roles, which is not the norm in this business. But with the latter, there is an ease there for me, which I can’t really explain.

I like the restriction of the costumes and dialogue. I always look at the character on my own and make my own decisions about who they are.

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