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I share this story as an analogy for the way I see too many publishers placing too much importance and assigning dubious grades to authors based on the strength or weakness of their social media following.I’ve actually sat in several meetings with literary agents, acquisitions editors and marketing directors who asked misguided questions, such as: • Is this author on Facebook and Twitter? • How often does the author post and do they get many shares and retweets?I remember feeling bewildered by the wide range of subjective marks, not knowing whether I’d done really well or really poorly.That event dislodged my faith in the school’s architecture program so much that I dropped out and switched my major to marketing, where all the grades were a lot more objective.

A publisher — even the most general publisher — should figure out which audiences it targets again and again.

Some of them might be defined by interests, such as “passionate chefs”.

Each audience segment already has its own web sites, its own apps, its own nomenclature, its own influencers.

Most of the Magic series is contemporary low fantasy. Frank Baum's Oz series, and started writing children's books when he could not find stories he wanted to read to his own young son.

In his books, Eager often acknowledges his debt to E.

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