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I found the strengths of the book were, how it described it's history / the creation of the company in the 1930's ( under " Electro String " ) both before and after World War Two ( mid-late 1950's onwards );the wealth of COLOUR photo's of mid-late 1950's trade shows and models ( women holding the guitars ) showing a lot of both well known and lesser known guitar models ( many early solid body guitars that were later discontinued - plus their colour schemes such as " Cloverfield Green " and " Blonde " ). I would have liked to have seen more colour photo's as many B&W photo's are available in colour on Rickenbacker's website.

It's weaknesses aren't many, it needs a bit of an overhaul / error check and an update on currently available models / colour schemes.

Manufacturers and brand names you may find on older copies of the 4001 include: Ibanez, Univox, Aria, Bradley, Electra, CMI, Giannini, Greco Guitar, Hondo, Hoya, M Sigma, Mann, Jolana, Penco, Seville and a few others.

Some of the copies look much closer to the real 4001 than others. There are manufacturers that have made bass guitar copies and some that still make bass guitars that do not intend to be exact copies but still infringe on the 4000 body style.

Derived from a design dating back to 1957, this semi-hollow guitar classic features a hand-carved arch top and back made of premium, charactered maple.

Deluxe appointments include a full bound body wi...

Additionally, I was a little disappointed that except for a color section in the middle of the book, the entire book was in black and white, which makes it difficult to know what the author is talking about when he comments on the finish/color of a guitar!

Still, an interesting book and essential for anyone who is a Rickenbacker fanatic like me.

Fantastic document of the company's history, complete with wonderful early pictures of their evolution & detailed text.

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