Online dating how to

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The survey* conducted among New Zealanders and Australians revealed the results of the positives and pitfalls of online dating. A little white lie never hurt anyone, but it did change the profiles of 43% of people who’ve tried online dating in New Zealand and 51% in Australia.In their attempt to put their best foot forward, daters admit to exaggeration or embellishment on their dating profiles.“I laid it out there,” the 34 year old from Pickering, Ont. “I said I wanted marriage, kids and a house in the suburbs so he knew where my head was at.

But it’s important to know that there are thousands of frogs in that pond. Here’s the thing about frogs: frogs love broken, and they can smell dysfunction a mile away. This process can render you weakened, confused, disoriented and frustrated. It never serves you to jump into the online frog pond unless you have done the work on yourself to heal your broken heart. If you exemplify any of these qualities and jump into the online frog pond, frogs will kiss you to death and devour you. “But I’m not sure it’s going to give you the results you’re looking for.” “Really? Not to be against frogs—one person’s frog is another’s dream. They live there, and for a brief while (let’s hope) you are just passing through. After all, you are jumping into a frog pond—not entering a prince’s castle.” You have to learn how to navigate past the frogs to get to the princes. You have to make sure that you are healthy, happy and whole before you jump into that online frog pond. I liken online dating to a “frog pond.” Everyone enters the frog pond looking for a prince or a princess, but what they fail to recognize is that they are jumping into stagnant, swampy water. “Of course there are princes, but there are many more frogs.

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