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I love that I can really express everything I want without looking for a word for it. Sometimes I go to my home town more often than my old friends who now live in the capital Bratislava. With my chronic sinus infection I have already difficulties breathing and when the bars/restaurants/caffeterias are full of smoke, I am choking.

However, there must be also something I don’t like so much. But still, I have been avoiding living in Slovakia because of a bunch of things, and it’s not only my big urge to explore the world and other cultures. If in countries like Spain or Italy where everyone smokes they could prohibit smoking in these places, I cannot wait to this happen in Slovakia finally too.

Physiographic provinces range from the High Tatras in the north to the rich agricultural lands of the plains and the Danube Basin to the south.

Other components of the Carpathian Mountains are the Little Carpathians and White Carpathians of western Slovakia and the Low Tatras and Slovak Ore Mountains in the north-central area.

I cannot stand when my hair and clothes smell like ashtray!

Smoking allowed in bars is one of the reasons why I don’t go out so often when in my home country.

But after I've spoken to a girl at her job for a while I get nervous that her boss is noticing her socializing with a patron, or that she's just annoyed that I'm bothering her while she's trying to work.

In a romantic comedy, it's perfectly ok for a guy (albeit a cute and unthreatening guy) to linger around a girl while she's at work, or stop by her work intermittently to brighten her day—even if she doesn't know him well. When I got back home, I looked up her town and fell in love with it-- with its cobblestone streets, and castles.

All Eastern European girls are lovely, very good looking and very intelligent.

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Skip to content I had a long conversation with my friend from Slovakia. I don't know if what she is saying is 100% but she has never lied to me. I have a friend named Ivana that lives in Slovakia. She had an Africa-American boyfriend at one point and lived with him in London.

We were talking about men and women relationships and she said that Slovak women used to be loving, caring, etc. Slovakia is still relatively poor so I don't know why they are becoming money hungry and selfish. She was a stay-at-home GF, he wouldn't allow her to work, so she says.

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