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– Mahatma Gandhi Health education provides opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for practicing lifelong, health-enhancing behaviors.The Health II curriculum focuses on what students can do for themselves to meet the objectives of the six state core standards and illustrates the impact their attitudes and behaviors have on the world around them.The curricu-lum builds on the foundation established in Health I with an advanced, age-appropriate focus.Students will learn that they are responsible for their personal well-being and that building a solid foundation of health literacy and decision-making skills can contribute to positive health choices throughout life.Like many of the more than 100 million Americans who use a smart phone for everything from paying for lattes at Starbucks to presenting digital boarding passes at airports to tracking investments, Scott Segal loved using apps on his i Phone.

Consumer health (e.g., evaluating the reliability of health information, identifying and assessing health resources and health-care providers, understanding media messages in advertising) is important and should be taught through all standards of the core.

We then projected those data to estimate national totals.

We found that a smart phone can be quite secure if you take a few basic precautions.

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A controversial article in La Civilta Cattolica, a Vatican-approved publication, by editor-in-chief Jesuit Fr.

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