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Red Nose Day got uncomfortable this year, as host Graham Norton repeatedly pressured Cara Delevingne into talking about her sex life.

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A lot of viewers weren’t laughing during British chat show host Graham Norton’s cringe-inducing interview with Cara Delevingne, pressuring the model/actress to relate an anecdote about having sex on an airplane that she clearly didn’t want to discuss. But on Friday, during an evening of comedy, silliness and raising money for all the important charitable projects Comic Relief funds, Norton blindsided Delevingne.Live on BBC One, he thrust out the phrase at her: “I think your embarrassment threshold’s quite high.” The Paper Towns actress responded, clearly bracing herself: “Why?Hey guys,if any of you have problems with the Messenger app not displaying Chat Heads,follow this 1) Open Settings 2)Scroll down and tap 'Installed Apps' 3)Select Messenger from the list 4)Again scroll down and tap 'Permission Manager' 5)Scroll Down and tap 'Display Pop Up Window' 5)Select 'Accept' And that's it :) P. Unexpected pairings titillate; political alliances fascinate. But they are all fanciful projections of our own desires: most of the time we have no idea whether these people have even met. And so perhaps Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie are only pals for the camera: photogenic, telegenic blondes who happen to be co-starring in the summer blockbuster Suicide Squad.

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