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It can be helpful in some ways, but a lot of the time I try to stick out of the box that it can be put in. A lot of the time, it’s definitely a part of how the processing unit works.

It seems like with the album cover, you’re calling back to a certain ’70s vibe. Sometimes, anything from watching a movie or something playing in the background may be affecting what you’re doing, something being right up in front with you taking up as much mental space as what you’re doing. There’s no weird way to go about it, I just think it’s a natural progression.

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The awesome thing about toon sex is that anything can be drawn, so you will discover an unimaginable variety of positions and twists to the story that would not be possible in traditional porn with real people.

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Sex Game Make Sexy Games Part 1 makes an erotic games for adult.

Thundercat’s currently touring behind an otherworldly, justly celebrated new album titled , but we managed to get him on the phone to discuss his central passions: music, video games, anime, and death.

Do you think genre is a useful thing for you, as a musician?

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