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Mary Ainsworth and John Bowlby founded modern attachment theory on studies of children and their caregivers.

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While the mediating model was not supported, the relation between trauma and relationship quality was supported in this sample.

This finding extends previous work with adult married relationships and clinical populations by demonstrating that higher levels of trauma exposure and symptoms in a community sample of late adolescent couples is associated with negative perceptions of relationship quality.

These findings highlight the role of openness in emerging adults’ romantic relationships from a dyadic angle.

Emerging adulthood is proposed to be a new conception of development for the period from the late teens through the twenties, with a focus on ages 18–25 (Arnett, 2000), when most people begin to move toward making the commitments that structure adult life: marriage, parenthood, and a long-term job (Arnett, 2004). Personality and intimate partner aggression in dating relationships: the role of the “Big Five”.

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